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  • Client Success Workshop


    How would your client describe their experience with your business? How a client feels about their experience impacts how they show up, renewals, and referrals. In the 2-hour Client Success workshop, we’ll review and refine the client journey to improve the experience for both of you. We’ll end with a roundtable to address challenging client conversations. This provides time to role-play a recurring challenge of each attendee’s choice.

    Choose a date:
    Tuesday, June 18, 2024 at 1pm CST
    Thursday, June 20, 2024 at 12pm CST

  • the CEOffice - Continuity Policy

    Continuity Plan


    A Notion template designed for founders to define how the business will respond to an emergency. The Continuity Plan includes prompts for situations of different severity.

  • the CEOffice - Executive Admin Dashboard (1)

    Executive Admin Dashboard


    A Notion template designed for admins to support their executive’s demanding lifestyle. The Executive Admin dashboard includes business and personal details.

  • the CEOffice - Investment Guide (240601)

    Investment Guide


    Curious to learn more about leadership + operations coaching with Melissa? Your guide provides details about coaching services, case study, FAQ, semi-custom small business OS, resources, and more.

  • the CEOffice - Job Description (1)

    Job Description


    A Notion template designed for founders to identify great talent. It starts with identifying your needs and then setting clear expectations for the role. The Job Description includes prompts to walk you through each section.

  • the CEOffice - Leaders Journal

    Leaders Journal


    The leaders journal discusses several key practices to set your team up for success. It includes:

    * Your Company Foundation + worksheet
    * 5 Parts of Job Descriptions + worksheet
    * Creating Strong Partnerships
    * Is Your Team All-In?
    * Will Your Hand be Forced?
    * Team Members Leaving
    * Managing Communication
    * Productive Meetings
    * Virtual Workspace + worksheet and BTS screenshots
    * 10 Practices for Success
    * Fresh Start

      Join leaders of small businesses who share your commitment to growth, enthusiasm for relationships, and passion for excellence.