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  • the CEOffice - Leaders Journal

    Leaders Journal


    The leaders journal discusses several key practices to set your team up for success. It includes:

    * Your Company Foundation + worksheet
    * 5 Parts of Job Descriptions + worksheet
    * Creating Strong Partnerships
    * Is Your Team All-In?
    * Will Your Hand be Forced?
    * Team Members Leaving
    * Managing Communication
    * Productive Meetings
    * Virtual Workspace + worksheet and BTS screenshots
    * 10 Practices for Success
    * Fresh Start

      Join leaders of small businesses who share your commitment to growth, enthusiasm for relationships, and passion for excellence.

    1. the CEOffice - Leadership Cost Analysis

      Leadership Cost Analysis


      A Notion template designed for founders to determine the cost of strong vs weak leadership in their business. The Leadership Cost Analysis includes estimated numbers that can be updated to reflect your business accurately.

    2. the CEOffice - Meeting Templates

      Meeting Templates


      A Notion template designed for founders to support team performance. The Meetings Template is designed to be a comprehensive database for internal meetings.

    3. the CEOffice - Onboarding Checklist

      Onboarding – Team Member


      A Notion template designed to set the stage for your new team member to excel in their role. Use the Onboarding Team Member checklist and timeline to support gathering of documents, welcoming, and training.

    4. the CEOffice - Vendor Management

      Vendor Management


      Use the Vendor Management database to support continuity between projects and team members. It provides a centralized place for vendor notes and updates vs remaining in individual inboxes.

      A Notion template designed to empower successful partnerships with vendors for each project.

      BONUS Template: Includes a customizable pdf to welcome your vendor partners.

    5. the CEOffice - Team Weekly Memo

      Weekly Team Memo


      A Notion template designed for founders to set the direction for the week, celebrates team members, and support team accountability. Use the Weekly Team Memo as an internal newsletter publishing it on Monday mornings.