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A Notion template designed for founders to identify great talent. It starts with identifying your needs and then setting clear expectations for the role. The Job Description includes prompts to walk you through each section.

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A framework to identify and describe the ideal team member when filling a specific role. Templates can be modified to fit your needs.


  • Company Summary
  • Role Summary
  • Responsibilities + Requirements
  • Benefits


What tools do I need to use this template?

You will need a Notion account to access and duplicate the template. You can create a Notion personal account for free. I am an affiliate.

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Who created the template?

Hi, I’m Melissa. If you want to improve the client experience or your team’s performance, you’ve come to the right place! These digital resources are designed to support excellence in business. If you’re looking for more in depth support, view my coaching services or semi-custom small business OS.


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